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What is apHUB?

apHUB is a suite of Applescripts, that transform Aperture into your central hub for storing your images and sending their master (RAW or JPEG) with a single keystroke to other image editors (currently Capture One, DxO OpticsPro in development) and getting them back with full behind-the-scenes handling of the external settings and mask files. Thus the whole process is non-destructive.
With the combination of apHUB, Aperture and Capture One and/or DxO OpticsPro you have an integrated Photo management and editing suite that is far superior to any currently existing single Photo management application!

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Installation input

I just installed apHUB (now that I've got Capture One Pro working well!). The installation procedure is easy, but I had a little trouble with this instruction in the Read Me:
"Open apHUB.cosessiondb within the Capture One folder".

Suggestion: tell users WHICH Capture One folder this refers to. At first I thought you might be referring to the folder within:
~/Library/Application Support/Capture One—but it wasn't there.

Then I remembered that by default, C1 stores its library in the ~/Pictures/Capture One folder. That's the one you were referring to.

I suspect that I'm not the only user who stores both the C1 and Aperture libraries somewhere other than the default Pictures folder.

That said, launching 
apHUB.cosessiondb successfully opened Capture One and created a new session as you expected.

So far, so good.


  • Thank you for your post. I'll add your suggestion to the Read Me file.

    Please notice, that the apHUB.cosessiondb gets installed in the ~/Pictures/apHUB/Capture One folder, not the ~/Pictures/Capture One folder.  I tried to put everything related to apHUB within the ~/Pictures/apHUB folder.

    I've created this apHUB folder within ~/Pictures because I need a place that exists on every Mac. You can move it elsewhere if you like.

    Please be aware, that this folder never contains a large number of of files. It is just a place to temporarily hold  symbolic links to the RAWs (not the RAWs themselves), small C1 preview files and even smaller edit files, while you work on your files in C1. Plus the output files, while you transfer them back to Aperture. Once the pictures are back in Aperture, everything within this folder is deleted. So most of the time it is empty. I suggest to put it on your fastest drive which is probably your System drive in most cases.


  • I just installed apHub for Capture One. The install went well (no errors). When I open apHUB.cosessiondb, Capture One opens and I get a dialog asking to Import, which I do. I then get the dialog "oooops that feature in not implemented". I am using Capture One

    Is there a problem with my Capture One version?

    I am also having a problem with the apHub prefs. They do not open, nor can I get Applescript Editor to open them.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

  • Hi Bob,

    I use Maybe update and retry.

    The import dialog sounds like you had another C1 catalog open before you've installed apHUB. It is fine to use C1 with multiple catalogs but you should make sure, you close all other catalogs on C1 before you start an apHUB roundtrip, otherwiese apHUB may send the pictures to the wrong catalog/session.

    I personally use C1 solely with apHUB thus I only have the apHUB.cosessiondb on my system and that guarantees, C1 cannot accidentaly open with the wrong session.

    BTW. one beta-tester pointed out, that the intelligent albums in the apHUB C1 session I've supplied have German labels. Wasn't aware of this, as I don't use them in an apHUB roundtrip. If it annoys you, just create a new session named 
    apHUB on your system and replace my version.

    Concerning the 
    apHub prefs: You cannot run the script but you should be able to open it in ScriptEditor. You are aware that you have to edit the apHUB Preferences file in your ~Library/Scripts folder not the one in the DMG?

    ZIP the file and email it to me, so I can check, why it doesn't work for you.


  • Thank you. I re-edited the apHUB Pref's and found errors in my previous edit. now works very well. I then updated to 8.3.4 and it still works well.

    Thank you again.
  • I am sorry, in my joy, I did not thank you for all your efforts in creating apHUB - my many thanks.
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