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What is apHUB?

apHUB is a suite of Applescripts, that transform Aperture into your central hub for storing your images and sending their master (RAW or JPEG) with a single keystroke to other image editors (currently Capture One, DxO OpticsPro in development) and getting them back with full behind-the-scenes handling of the external settings and mask files. Thus the whole process is non-destructive.
With the combination of apHUB, Aperture and Capture One and/or DxO OpticsPro you have an integrated Photo management and editing suite that is far superior to any currently existing single Photo management application!

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Suggestion: return the user to his last Capture One catalog

When using apHUB, Capture One opens to the apHUB session. Capture One always opens to the last-used catalog or session, so after using apHUB, C1 (when launched independently) opens to the apHUB session and the user must switch manually.

I have a dedicated Capture One catalog that I want to continue using, and Capture One lacks a setting to open a default catalog.

Is it possible for you to add something that forces C1 to open to a default catalog? What I have in mind might look something like this:

1. To open C1 to an apHUB session, double-click the apHUB.cosessiondb file.

2. During opening, apHUB checks to see whether the user had last used a C1 entity other than the apHUB session.

3. Upon closing:
    a. if the answer to #2 was "true", then apHUB could do something (if possible) to reset C1 to open the user's catalog next time (unless, of course, C1 was opened with apHUB.cosessiondb).
    b. if the answer to #2 was "false", then apHUB needn't do anything.

I hope this is helpful.



  • edited September 2015
    Hi Abbot,

    when you start C1 directly or via a double-click on a session or database file, no apHUB script gets triggered, which could check, what was last used with C1. Same is true, when you quit C1.

    Two other solutions that come to my mind:

    1.) You always start C1 with a double-click on the apHUB.cosessiondb or one of your database files. C1 opens with that document. You can place these C1 files in your dock or put aliases somewhere else, where you can access them easily.

    2.) Or you cou can run an Applescript like this to start C1:

    Save it as an app and place it in your dock. You can even give it the icon of Capture One (copy/paste via info window), so it looks like Capture One in your dock. You have to adjust the paths to your C1 files of cause and add more catalogs/buttons if you like.

    I'll attach the script as a zip file to this post. Edit the content with Script-Editor.


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  • Hi Peter,

    I wondered whether C1 stored the last-accessed catalog or session in a place that AppleScript could query. If that was the case, then apHUB might be able to:
    1. query C1 when apHUB is launched;
    2. get the saved "last-used" pathname;
    3. save that name somewhere;
    4. restore the name when the apHUB session is finished.

    Your idea of launching Capture One with an AppleScript is good, as is the idea of placing pointers to my catalogs in the Dock (or aliases for multiple catalogs into a folder, and then placing the folder into the Dock.

    I'll have a look at your sample script and give feedback. However, we're leaving on a long trip next week and I may not be very prompt in getting back to you.

    Thanks for your ideas!
  • Hi Peter & Abbot,

    I was thinking along the same lines as the last post.  When you launch the script to take the files from aperture to capture one, that a check is performed to insure that the capture one session file of apHUB is up and active.  I was wondering if it could just check the name of the session in the  ~/Libarary/Logs/com.phaseone.captureone8.log  (I'm using 8 not 7).  The last active seesion/catalog for capture one, I believe,  should be the last line in the file and if it isn't the apHUB, maybe pop up a warning box that the files are not being sent to the the apHUB capture one session.  Yes, I did make the mistake several times of sending my files to an Untitled Session and for a while couldn't figure out why they would't migrate back.

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