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apHUB is currently only available for registered beta-testers.
If you are interested in participating in the beta-program, please leave a message in the "Why do you want to join?" field on the registration page.

What is apHUB?

apHUB is a suite of Applescripts, that transform Aperture into your central hub for storing your images and sending their master (RAW or JPEG) with a single keystroke to other image editors (currently Capture One, DxO OpticsPro in development) and getting them back with full behind-the-scenes handling of the external settings and mask files. Thus the whole process is non-destructive.
With the combination of apHUB, Aperture and Capture One and/or DxO OpticsPro you have an integrated Photo management and editing suite that is far superior to any currently existing single Photo management application!

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  • I am sorry, in my joy, I did not thank you for all your efforts in creating apHUB - my many thanks.
  • Thank you. I re-edited the apHUB Pref's and found errors in my previous edit. now works very well. I then updated to 8.3.4 and it still works well. Thank you again.
  • I just installed apHub for Capture One. The install went well (no errors). When I open apHUB.cosessiondb, Capture One opens and I get a dialog asking to Import, which I do. I then get the dialog "oooops that feature in not implemented". I am using C…